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What Factors Impact Carrier Pricing?

Factors that impact carrier pricing

Does your business fit into the carrier’s service network? Is your freight ugly or attractive? And how does that impact pricing? One of our recent white papers addresses these questions.

You’ve seen it before. You and your carriers agree on volumes, pricing, and service. You both feel good about the consistency and flexibility you will have, although you know your agreement is not a binding contract. But much can happen in the time that follows, factors that can render these agreements unsustainable. At such times, the better you understand what’s going through the carrier’s mind, the better prepared you will be to understand what could happen next with pricing, and what, if anything, you can do about it. Read More…

5 Must-Take Steps on the Leadership Ladder

5 steps on leadership ladder

Developing future leaders is a critical undertaking for any company, but those individuals that aspire to reach managerial heights can do a lot to help themselves.

At TMC, we carry out a talent review twice a year. Employees are evaluated in terms of their current competencies and performance levels, as well as the career paths that are suitable for them. These profiles are then matched to each individual’s training needs. Read More…

Don’t Fit Large Shippers into a Square Peg

Points of Disagreement regarding shippers TMS

I recently read an article that did a nice job providing an overview of the choices available to shippers when evaluating transportation management systems (TMS). The article went on to describe how large global shippers approach transportation management. From my perspective this is where the article left readers misinformed.

There are several portions I agreed with; the author provided a solid overview of the different choices available along a clear spectrum from outsourced to self-managed. Read More…

How to Get the Most Value from a Strategic Onsite Employee

strategic onsite employees

When a shipper brings a provider’s strategic resources onsite, faster results can follow. As a provider of Managed TMS®, C.H. Robinson’s TMS + managed services solution, we’ve placed knowledgeable, strategic logistics staff onsite at client locations on many occasions. Recently, we talked to several shippers about the value they see in onsite engagements, and how they’ve managed to reach the positive outcomes they were looking for. We’ve compiled several tips drawn from those conversations to help other shippers prepare for having their provider’s employees onsite.

Read More…