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Implementing a TMS: Why Communication is a Key Success Factor

TMS-implementationHaving invested in a transportation management system (TMS), you’re looking forward to its implementation. But the term “implementation” doesn’t really capture the full implications of this next step. Implementing a TMS means much more than installing and plugging in a system—the experience is transformative and requires some serious change management resources. Read More…

Why Strong Relationships are Vital in the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

Why Strong Relationships are Vital in the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry | Transportfolio


Relationships: you spend a lot of time building and tending to them in your personal life, and they are just as important—and take just as much effort—in your professional life. And, although relationships with your family and friends may vastly differ from those you have with your colleagues and across your network, I think it’s safe to say that professional relationships matter. After all, they are the driving force behind what makes us want to collaborate, share trust, and create solutions together.
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Insights for Procuring a TMS in a Large Company

TMS-implementationInvesting in a transportation management system (TMS) can be more complicated for large organizations that have to reconcile the needs of multiple business units in different geographies. The business models and associated markets can vary widely as well; for example, if the company has grown through acquisitions. Read More…