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Do You Have the Right Address? Four Ways to Avoid This Embarrassing Mistake

Address Database

How up to date is your address book? If it’s anything like mine—and I don’t think my book is unusual—there are at least a few listings that are incorrect. That’s not surprising; who can keep track of every single contact address?

Now imagine the same challenge for the many thousands of trading partner addresses that a company must store. Sure, enterprises often have automated systems to support their databases. But even the most sophisticated data management system is only as good as the timeliness of the updates it receives. Read More…

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As Soccer Rolls into the Spotlight, So do Supply Chains


I started playing my first real sport, soccer (or football, for anyone outside of the U.S.), when I was five. To be competitive, you need to be aggressive, agile, and seize every chance to engage with the ball. And since I was not very aggressive and wanted to avoid contact with the ball at all costs, I left soccer behind in favor of gymnastics at age seven. Read More…

What Does Your Global Supply Chain Look Like From 30,000 Feet? Map It

Global Supply Chain 30k

Editor’s Note: In April, Nick Schneider contributed a blog post for Transportfolio®. We’re sharing his original post here because supply chain mapping is always a relevant topic. Please share your thoughts and read the blog post, What Does Your Global Supply Chain Look Like From 30,000 Feet? Map It.

Start wide, go narrow. It’s a good rule for a new outsourcing provider to follow, just as it is for real life. For instance, say I met a man from India at a conference in Europe, and he asked where I was from. I wouldn’t say “Minneapolis” right away. I would say the United States, then Minnesota; if he knew where the state was, I might add the city, Minneapolis. With each clarification, he can better envision exactly where I live, in relationship to the country overall. Read More…

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A Business Card Guide to the Future of Supply Chains

Future Supply Chains

Open any industry trade journal and the chances are that you’ll find an article about the changing role of supply chain management. But it’s possible to get a sense of how far the industry has come—and where it might be headed—by looking at the way functional roles in supply chain management have evolved over the last 15 years or so.

A trend that we’ve witnessed is a deeper focus on operational efficiency, in response to increased demand from shippers for efficiency-building solutions. This has led to the creation of new roles and responsibilities within the supply chain discipline. Read More…

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Technology Scores a Goal but Humans Still Control the Game

Technology Scores a Goal but Humans Still Control the Game

Soccer Tech

The FIFA World Cup tournament takes place every four years, but the 2014 event, which kicks off on June 12 in Brazil, has something that makes it unique: tracking technology.

This year, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), soccer’s international governing body, is introducing goal-line technology to the World Cup that helps referees decide whether or not a goal has been scored. This technology worked without a glitch at last year’s FIFA Confederation Cup. Read More…