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Managing Your Supply Chain With a Vertical Twist


When a runner wants to take his or her performance to the next level, a logical course of action is to consult a running coach. In much the same way, a shipper in a specific industry that wants to improve supply chain performance needs relevant expertise within that vertical.

That’s why enlightened logistics service providers are turning vertically in the hunt for ways to help their shipper customers raise the performance bar. Read More…

Guest Post: Collaboration the Key to Unblocking Megacity Streets?


Picture a truck delivering product in a traffic-choked megacity and physical obstacles such as a maze of one-way streets come to mind. But hindrances like these are manifestations of a more fundamental problem: constantly changing traffic regulations.

How do companies overcome regulatory speed bumps in sprawling urban areas where government is highly fragmented and the movement of passenger vehicles often takes precedence over freight flows? Read More…

- Research Director at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
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Take Heed of India’s Post-Election Story


The recent elections in India have changed the country’s political map in ways that are of major interest to the world—and the supply chain community. For the first time in three decades, a political party in India (the Bharatija Janata party, or BJP) won a clear national mandate, winning 282 out of 543 available seats. Most Indians are jubilant, the stock market is up by 20%, and the Indian Rupee appreciated significantly. Read More…

- TMC Country Manager for India
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Remove Your Performance Blinders with TMS-Powered Metrics

TMS Powered Metrics

Key metrics can be much more than one-dimensional indictors of how a network is performing. In combination with the analytical power of modern transportation management system (TMS) technology, a key metric can be the first line in a multi-layered story about the issues that are hurting the efficiency of your freight network.

If you’re not using these indicators to their full potential, your view of network performance is almost certainly restricted. Read More…

Do You Have the Right Address? Four Ways to Avoid This Embarrassing Mistake

Address Database

How up to date is your address book? If it’s anything like mine—and I don’t think my book is unusual—there are at least a few listings that are incorrect. That’s not surprising; who can keep track of every single contact address?

Now imagine the same challenge for the many thousands of trading partner addresses that a company must store. Sure, enterprises often have automated systems to support their databases. But even the most sophisticated data management system is only as good as the timeliness of the updates it receives. Read More…

- Key Account Manager for TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson
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