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Get An Early Start on Carrier Management

Shipper and trucking companies relationships

Take two companies that trade independently with distinct clients, suppliers and other stakeholders not to mention corporate cultures and bottom lines, and bring them together to operate a complex distribution network as efficiently as possible. This, in essence, describes the relationship between a shipper and a carrier, and when framed in this way it seems obvious that there is ample room for damaging misalignments between the two parties. It is the job of a carrier management program to avoid such dislocations, and to create the optimum conditions for a mutually profitable relationship. Read More…

- Vice President, Customer Strategy, C.H. Robinson
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Freight Transportation Enters New Waters

Maritime transport innovations

Will nuclear-powered container ships soon be plying the world’s oceans? Or vessels powered by fuel cells and solar panels? These theoretical ships might seem far-fetched, but there could be enough of a commercial imperative to push them off the drawing board and into commercial service in the not too distant future. Read More…

Balancing the Cost Versus Service Equation

Cost and customer service

It is no revelation that of the many challenges transportation managers face, one of the toughest is how to bring costs down while ensuring that customer service moves in the opposite direction. This is particularly true in a post-recession environment, where companies are coming out of their shells to take advantage of new found growth. Read More…

Delivering Relief

Efficient supply chains providing support

In the freight industry – or in western countries generally for that matter – a cross dock is not usually regarded as a life-saving device. But in Zambia the availability of a cross dock for a health care clinic will decrease the probability of a stock out of medicines by over 30 percent, a hike in efficiency that translates into saving the lives of 27,000 children in the next five years. Read More…