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Cutting Through the Fog of Freight Rate Predictions

Predicting truckload freight rates

Expert opinion is one commodity that is never in short supply. The challenge is sorting through the abundance of views to find the ones that are credible and make sense. This is certainly the case when it comes to predicting how full truckload (TL) freight rates are moving. It is possible to approximate where rates are headed in the short term, but you still need to be circumspect when heeding the advice of so-called experts. Read More…

- Director of Consulting Services, C.H. Robinson
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What Does Supply Chain Need? More Boomerangs

Supply chain management talent

In the grand scheme of professions supply chain is not exactly a show stopper. How many times have you told a fellow partygoer what you do for a living only to receive a vacant smile in return? And if you try to explain how supply chains are managed the smile will probably give way to nervous glances around the room. Similarly, have you ever attempted to extol the virtues of freight movements to a ninth-grader? At least the turn-off is short-lived; a fleeting look of puzzlement before the kid goes back to texting. Read More…

Unlocking the Value of an Unsung Process

Managing freight delivery appointments

TMC has reengineered a supply chain process so that it reduces delivery time, improves load planning, raises service standards, and lightens shipper and carrier workloads by taking time-consuming tasks off their hands. The process has never been more important because it helps companies meet customers’ increasingly stringent supplier reliability programs. And perhaps most striking of all, you have probably never heard of it. Not because the process is trivial – hardly, given the above accomplishments – but partly because it’s not usually associated with big efficiency gains. The process is managing freight delivery appointments. Read More…