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11 Reasons Why Creating a Joint Scorecard Can Improve an Outsourced Relationship

Improvement on a chart

You’ve partnered with a third party for freight management services and over time have started to wonder whether the provider is continuing to deliver value.  The benefits of the relationship are no longer clear cut, so now what?

There are a number of reasons why such relationships appear to lose their purpose, and they often have little to do with the competencies of the participants. Read More…

Freight Management in the Age of Facebook: Part 2

Social media diagram

Last week, I talked about some possible ways in which social media might change how carrier performance is measured in the market for freight transportation. In this post, let’s extend these imaginings to the broader market.

As mentioned in my previous post, social media is transformative in terms of the connectivity, visibility, and communications reach that it brings to supply chains. Could pushing the freight envelope in this way increase the volatility of transactional pricing? Retailers that track and participate in social media communities are able to monitor price trends with great precision in real time. They can shave pennies off a price very quickly in response to competitors’ pricing strategies, for example. And being attuned to every buying nuance in the market, they can shape demand by constantly adjusting the prices of their products.  Read More…

Freight Management in the Age of Facebook: Part 1

Social Media actions

Social media is changing the freight transportation industry on many fronts; communications is one example, as exemplified by this blog. But we’ve only just started the journey. Here are some thoughts on where the road might take us in the not-too-distant future.

First, let’s look at some of the features that make social media such a powerful change agent.  Read More…

Insights for Procuring a TMS in a Large Company

Hammer and a peg

Investing in a transportation management system (TMS) can be more complicated for large organizations that have to reconcile the needs of multiple business units in different geographies.  The business models and associated markets can vary widely as well, for example if the company has grown through acquisitions.

Enterprises that devote enough forethought and planning to the decision can resolve these differences and turn the process into a rich learning experience. Read More…