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Archives for February 2014

Tech Trends 2014: An Analyst’s View

Simon Ellis Q&A

Keeping track of the latest technological developments can seem like an impossible task in today’s fast-changing commercial environment. Yet you need to stay abreast of developments given the increasing influence of technology on competitiveness.

To help you anticipate what might be coming down the pike in 2014, we asked well-known industry analyst Simon Ellis to look into his crystal ball. Here is his snapshot of important trends in the coming year. Read More…

8 Ways to Identify Providers That Make it Their Business to Stay Aligned

How do service providers keep pace with customers that are constantly on the move? This must surely be one of the toughest challenges facing suppliers in today’s unpredictable business environment.

The answer, of course, is that service providers must understand where their customers are headed and change accordingly to stay in alignment.

A recent course change TMC has made is to create my new role – Director of Customer Relations. The role has three main areas of focus: to ensure that the appropriate customer relationships as well as the required support are in place, to make certain that we stay aligned with customers’ evolutionary paths, and to help maintain and develop our account management talent. Read More…