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Adam Davis — General Manager, Asia

From the University of Northern Iowa to his current position as General Manager of Asia for TMC, Adam’s management includes oversight of offices in Shanghai, China, and Mumbai, India. TMC’s Asia operations began in 2010 with Adam overseeing account management, employee development, and creation of opportunities for regional expansion. He works closely with TMC’s regional managers in Europe, South America, and North America to ensure consistency of service across global TMC accounts.

Thinking of Buying a TMS for China? Ask These 10 Questions, Part Two

Thinking of Buying a TMS for China? Ask These 10 Questions, Part Two

TMS China

Last week we described five questions that companies can ask to help evaluate transportation management system (TMS) providers that supply systems for applications in China. In this week’s post, we present the second set of questions that completes our list of 10*. Read More…

Thinking of Buying a TMS for China? Ask These 10 Questions, Part One

Thinking of Buying a TMS for China? Ask These 10 Questions, Part One

TMS China

It’s challenging enough to select the best transportation management system (TMS) in developed markets such as the United States and Europe. Assessing a TMS for China is even more challenging, whether you operate in that country or do business there as part of a regional or global operation. Read More…

Are You Ready for the Millennial Technology Challenge?

Are You Ready for the Millennial Technology Challenge?


Industry commentators—including this blog—often talk about how technological change drives behavioral change in managers. Another change that is transforming how logistics managers do their jobs is a dramatic shift in the demographic profiles of companies.

The advance of transportation management system (TMS) technology provides a good example of the former trend. As sophisticated analytics have become available, logistics managers have come to expect more detailed analyses of their freight networks that pinpoint opportunities to raise efficiency levels (for more on the analytical capabilities of a TMS, see Micah Heartson’s post, Analytics in Action, and Ryan Pettit’s post, Developing an Analytical Playbook for Your TMS). Read More…

Supply Chains in China: New Strategies for a New Year

Chinese New Year

This week China celebrates the end of the Year of the Snake and the beginning of the Year of the Horse. The Chinese New Year also represents a good opportunity for companies to review their supply chain strategies in China given the changes—both economic and logistics-specific—that could unfold in 2014.

These changes will put greater emphasis on increasing productivity as well as the role of technology such as transportation management system (TMS) solutions to increase efficiency and capture savings. Read More…

The Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

One of the most powerful features of a globe-spanning transportation management system (TMS) is the ability to customize solutions to local market conditions. But the opposite is also true; a global TMS is a highly effective vehicle for implementing the same best practices across regions.

Users of the technology can have it both ways because managing cargo flows internationally requires tailored as well as standard logistics solutions.  Read More…

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