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Ashley Rapp — Manager, Learning & Development

Ashley Rapp is Manager of Learning & Development at TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson. In her role, Ashley is accountable for new employee onboarding. Ashley is also responsible for employee development through continuing education programs and courses. Since joining TMC in 2007, Ashley has served in a variety of roles in both operations and consulting bringing a wealth knowledge to her training roll. Ashley has a B.A. from Elon University.

How Your Organization Can Help Bridge the Gap in Supply Chain Talent


Creating a Pipeline of Future Logistics Experts through Internship Programs

Finding qualified young people who are motivated to pursue a career in logistics, and who have the aptitude and mindset to excel in this global profession, is one of the most pressing problems facing logistics today. Many solutions are being pursued, but one that should not be overlooked is offering an effective internship program.
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A New Class of Learning that Does Not Break with Tradition

A New Class of Learning that Does Not Break with Tradition


Online educational platforms are attracting a lot of interest, and there is no doubt that virtual classrooms will have a major impact on professional education.

Will the physical classroom soon become obsolete? Not by a long way. I believe that the more traditional settings continue to offer important advantages for professional learners, some of which are not available in a virtual environment. Read More…

- Manager, Learning & Development
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How Do You Take Your Job to the Next Level? Find the Passion

How you can become enthused about your work

Is logistics just a job or both a job and a passion for you?

This may seem like an odd question, but in fact it’s critical to how you perform as a professional.

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