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A Road Map to Truck Transportation in China and India – Part 2

Finances in China and India

In our last post, we compared the regulations and industry structures that characterize trucking in China and India. This week, let’s focus on finance.

Tax regulation can be perplexing in any country, but the regulatory maze in both China and India is especially complex.  A brief summary of the taxes that pertain to trucking is presented in Table 1. Read More…

A Road Map to The Transportation Business in India & China: Part 1

China and India

China and India have almost become synonymous with global growth, yet doing business in these countries is still challenging for many companies.

In this two-part series, we shed some light on truck transportation in China and India. Both nations are giants of international trade, and it’s advisable to know how their trucking industries work if you are going to be active in these markets. Read More…