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Elizabeth Drury — Director, Talent Planning

As Director of Talent Planning, Elizabeth is recognized as an architect of TMC’s culture and global talent curator. Within her role overseeing all HR functions, she enjoys meeting and hiring passionate candidates who find purpose in solving complex problems that positively impact supply chains. Elizabeth collaborates with customers to align our talent to meet their needs and spends time with employees helping them achieve their personnel growth goals. Elizabeth and her team have helped us grow from a small startup with 12 employees to more than 400 employees worldwide. Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where she earned a BA in Economics. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys traveling and checking out new restaurants in the Chicago area.

Are You Making the Right Connections on LinkedIn?

The right connectionsJust as the mix of skills required to fulfill supply chain roles has changed, so has the way that individuals are recruited to the profession. And one of the most dramatic changes is the emergence of LinkedIn as a platform for hiring talent. Read More…

Why Logistics is a Good Fit for Millennials

Why Logistics is a Good Fit for Millennials


Companies are rightly concerned about the challenge of integrating Millennials into the workplace. The good news for our industry is that the supply chain profession offers opportunities that appeal to these young employees. Understanding this can help the industry attract and retain Millennials, as well as build careers that are rewarding for these individuals and their employers. Read More…

New and Emerging Roles in Supply Chain Management

A Business Card Guide to the Future of Supply Chains

Future Supply Chains

Open any industry trade journal and the chances are that you’ll find an article about the changing role of supply chain management. But it’s possible to get a sense of how far the industry has come—and where it might be headed—by looking at the way functional roles in supply chain management have evolved over the last 15 years or so.

A trend that we’ve witnessed is a deeper focus on operational efficiency, largely in response to increased demand from shippers for efficiency-building solutions. This has led to the creation of new roles and responsibilities within the supply chain discipline. Read More…

5 Must-Take Steps on the Leadership Ladder

5 Must-Take Steps on the Leadership Ladder

5 steps on leadership ladder

Developing future leaders is a critical undertaking for any company, but those individuals that aspire to reach managerial heights can do a lot to help themselves.

At TMC, we carry out a talent review twice a year. Employees are evaluated in terms of their current competencies and performance levels, as well as the career paths that are suitable for them. These profiles are then matched to each individual’s training needs. Read More…

Are You Paying Enough Attention to Providers’ Talent Management Strategies?

Are You Paying Enough Attention to Providers’ Talent Management Strategies?

supply chain talent

As part of their due diligence, shippers routinely review a number of key capabilities when evaluating logistics service providers. One capability that is less obvious—but of vital importance—is the provider’s approach to managing talent.

The quality of a 3PL’s staff determines the level of service they offer. And this know-how has become even more critical with the increasing complexity of global supply chains.

What aspects of a provider’s talent management strategy should shippers watch out for? Read More…