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Geoff Allen — Director, Global Implementations

Geoff is a Project Manager on the Implementation & Process Engineering team at the TMC. He started his career at CH Robinson in 2004 and during his time has worked in sales, operations, and project manager roles. Geoff has been a Project Manager since 2009 and has successfully implemented countless new accounts. In addition to focusing on Implementations, Geoff has also been responsible for a number of technology and process improvement initiatives.

Implementing a TMS: Why Communication is a Key Success Factor

Implementing a TMS: Why Communication is a Key Success Factor

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Having invested in a transportation management system (TMS), you’re looking forward to its implementation. But the term “implementation” doesn’t really capture the full implications of this next step. Implementing a TMS means much more than installing and plugging in a system—the experience is transformative and requires some serious change management resources.
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Strategic Shift: Carrier Relationships

TMS technology and truck driver relationships

After deploying a TMS + managed services solution, shippers can often shift their focus from tactical execution to more strategic initiatives. An example of such an initiative is improving carrier relationships and overall performance.

This is an area of freight network management that can yield huge benefits. The performance of transportation service providers is critical to the efficiency of the network. A TMS combined with managed services can identify opportunities for improvement that were not apparent prior to the system’s implementation. Read More…