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Jason Chamberlain — Senior Customer Relations Manager

Jason has over 15 years of industry experience and serves as a senior customer relations manager for TMC. Jason and his team are accountable for achieving client-specific performance targets and successfully delivering on our value proposition. He is also responsible for both client and carrier satisfaction metrics. In addition to his role as senior customer relations manager, Jason oversees TMC’s community involvement programs including Kicks for a Cure, the world's largest charity kickball tournament. Jason is a graduate of Florida State University.

Should Small Shippers Deprive Themselves of TMS Technology?

Supply Chain Technology

Only large, high-volume shippers with complex freight networks need to invest in a transportation management system (TMS). This is a familiar argument in the logistics industry, but does it hold water?

The answer is yes and no, although the argument is moving more towards the “no” end of the spectrum. Let me explain why.

First, it is true that some small and medium-sized shippers can’t justify a TMS investment. They move relatively few loads infrequently, and don’t need the support of a sophisticated management system. For these players managing the route guide on a spreadsheet and manually sending load tenders, for example, works perfectly well. Read More…

A Winning Supply Chain


There’s a lot of distance between the London 2012 Summer Olympics in the United Kingdom and TMC’s Kicks for Cure kickball tournament in Grant Park, Chicago, but the two events owe their success to the same kind of supply chain.

Sports event supply chains take a long time to build and have to hit peak performance during the tournament. As soon as the competition comes to an end, the supply chain goes into reverse at top speed because the whole show must be dismantled quickly without leaving a trace.  Read More…

- Senior Customer Relations Manager