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Jason Chamberlain — Business Development Manager

Jason has over 15 years of industry experience and serves as a business development manager for TMC. In his role, he is responsible for new client generation and ensuring services align with customer's expectations and strategy. Jason also oversees TMC’s community involvement programs including Kicks for a Cure, the world's largest charity kickball tournament. Jason is a graduate of Florida State University.

A Winning Supply Chain


There’s a lot of distance between the London 2012 Summer Olympics in the United Kingdom and TMC’s Kicks for Cure kickball tournament in Grant Park, Chicago, but the two events owe their success to the same kind of supply chain.

Sports event supply chains take a long time to build and have to hit peak performance during the tournament. As soon as the competition comes to an end, the supply chain goes into reverse at top speed because the whole show must be dismantled quickly without leaving a trace.  Read More…

Change Management Issues Slowing you Down?


As we emphasize in our “Get There Faster” TMC tag line, a transportation management system (TMS) can provide a quick route to achieving your business goals (see A New Fast Lane for Freight Management). But a speed bump that many organizations encounter is behavioral change issues; attitudinal resistance to a new TMS solution. Removing this obstacle before you get into the implementation phase shortens the journey to success. Read More…

- Business Development Manager

Four Ways to Navigate Peaks and Valleys

If your business is highly cyclical, how do you derive value from a transportation management system (TMS) in an environment where there is a flood of orders or the flow of shipments has slowed to a trickle?

It’s an important question for anyone who has to justify an investment in the technology – and that surely includes freight managers who have bought into a TMS solution. Read More…

Turning the Tables on Scorecarding


How would you react to a transportation service provider’s scorecard of your performance as a customer?

Some providers are turning the tables on shippers in this way. It is even possible that the scorecarding of shippers by carriers will become a new industry best practice.

Whether you are indignant, inspired, or intrigued by the idea, examining your network from the carrier’s vantage point can reveal issues that previously went unrecognized. The revelations may be uncomfortable, but addressing them can benefit both buyer and seller in a number of ways. Read More…