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Jay Freeman — Director of Innovation, Outsource Solutions, C.H. Robinson

Jay entered Management Consulting after graduating from the John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University in 1990. During his tenure in Consulting, Jay worked for several of the “Big Five” firms, focused on business process improvement, change management, and project management. He then became a Director at an internet consulting firm working with clients on Business to Business and Business to Customer websites. Since joining C.H. Robinson in 2001, Jay has focused on Collaborative Outsourcing®. From 2001 – 2007 Jay was part of the leadership team at the Transportation Management Center, where he was the Director of Consulting. Jay became part of C.H. Robinson Corporate in 2007, where he created a team of corporate resources focused on process transformation. After establishing that service, Jay moved into his present role responsible for thought leadership and the establishment of best practices across all of C.H. Robinson’s Outsource accounts.

The Importance of Change Management to a Successful Transportation Management Outsource

The Importance of Change Management to a Successful Transportation Management Outsource

3 Tips for Successful Trans Mgmt Outsourcing

To fully leverage the benefits of outsourcing transportation management, build a good change management framework, minimize implementation challenges, and plan for the future.

Throughout my career, I have helped customers with change management and process transformation. Initially, that meant implementing large scale systems, such as SAP. As my career progressed, I focused on working with customers who chose to outsource their logistics. I have found that (1) outsourced relationships have a similar impact on a company’s culture and processes as migrating to a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and (2) those who most successfully leverage the benefits of a transportation management outsource have embraced and implemented organizational change management concepts such as these: Read More…