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Jessica Comfort — Manager, Central Operations

Jessica serves as Manager of C.H. Robinson Appointment Services. In her current role, Jessica oversees C.H. Robinson appointment scheduling services including both appointment scheduling processes for clients, as well as the C.H. Robinson branch network. Jessica is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington.

Three Reasons Why Presetting Delivery Appointments Can Deliver Big Efficiencies


It may not seem like an important link in your supply chain, but an ineffective freight delivery appointment process – or lack thereof – causes problems on multiple fronts. That’s why it deserves your attention.

More specifically, by developing an effective solution you can increase visibility, improve load planning, raise service standards, and make the carrier’s job a little easier.

Not a bad return for fixing what is widely regarded as a relatively mundane process. Read More…

- Manager, Central Operations

Unlocking the Value of an Unsung Process

Managing freight delivery appointments

TMC has reengineered a supply chain process so that it reduces delivery time, improves load planning, raises service standards, and lightens shipper and carrier workloads by taking time-consuming tasks off their hands. The process has never been more important because it helps companies meet customers’ increasingly stringent supplier reliability programs. And perhaps most striking of all, you have probably never heard of it. Not because the process is trivial – hardly, given the above accomplishments – but partly because it’s not usually associated with big efficiency gains. The process is managing freight delivery appointments. Read More…

- Manager, Central Operations