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Jordan Kass — President, Managed Services

As President of Managed Services, Jordan has global responsibility for TMC. In 1999, Jordan led a team that collaborated with some of the world’s most forward thinking shippers to develop the service now called Managed TMS®. Under Jordan’s leadership, TMC is now a global business improving access to products that the world’s businesses, homes, and communities need. Jordan is a proud alumnus of Indiana University, and has worked at C.H. Robinson for 20+ years. Outside of work, Jordan enjoys Crossfit®, cooking, and spending time with his family in Michigan.

Reflections: TMC’s Past and Future

GlobalReflectionThe end of a year provides a natural point of reflection. I think we all take measure of where we’ve been and where we want to go. It has been a while since we’ve written about TMC’s past and future, so I thought I’d take a minute to talk about how and why TMC was founded and what we are excited about going forward.

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Hands-Free Innovation Continues

Hands-Free Innovation Continues

Audi automated car delphi

As a kid, how many times did you try riding your bike with no hands? Today, kids are still trying to ride bikes without holding onto the handlebars, and driverless vehicle innovations are taking it to the next level, too. Read More…

Don’t Fit Large Shippers into a Square Peg

Don’t Fit Large Shippers into a Square Peg

Points of Disagreement regarding shippers TMS

I recently read an article that did a nice job providing an overview of the choices available to shippers when evaluating transportation management systems (TMS). The article went on to describe how large global shippers approach transportation management. From my perspective this is where the article left readers misinformed.

There are several portions I agreed with; the author provided a solid overview of the different choices available along a clear spectrum from outsourced to self-managed. Read More…

Start Innovating if You Want to Keep Pace with Today’s High-Octane Markets

Start Innovating if You Want to Keep Pace with Today’s High-Octane Markets

Innovating in today's market

The world is changing and changing faster than ever before.

To get an idea of just how fast, think about great innovations of the past such as the telephone and the automobile. These took almost a century to become fully absorbed into people’s lives. Now think of modern-day equivalents such as the internet and cell phone. Both have become indispensable in just a few short years. I highlighted some other examples at an event last year. Read More…

Still Searching for Excellence in Global TMS? These 7 Implementation Keys Will Help You

How to build a successful global transportation management system

Global transportation management systems (TMS) are gaining ground, but many shippers are finding it difficult to transition their solutions to the world stage according to a new research report from the publication Supply Chain Digest.

The Benchmarking Global Transportation Management Strategies and Practices 2013 research report is based on a detailed survey of Supply Chain Digest readers. There are more than 300 respondents in the survey including many well known companies. Some 68% of the companies/divisions employ more than 1000 people. Read More…