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Micah Heartson — Manager, Supply Chain Engineering

Micah A. Heartson is the Manager of Supply Chain Engineering for TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson. Micah leads a team of consultants and engineers to proactively drive savings for clients through innovative solutions including process improvements and technology development. He holds a BA in Economics, a MEng in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a Juris Doctorate, a Six Sigma Green Belt, and APICS CSCP certification; he is also a licensed attorney, and a member of the Illinois Bar. Micah lives in a rehabbed loft in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood and rides his bike to work every day regardless of the weather.

Analytics in Action


In our last post we looked at the cultural barriers that prevent shippers from using advanced transportation management systems (TMS) to reengineer their supply chains, and capture impressive cost savings (Developing a Managed TMS® Culture). This week we consider how you can become a more effective user of high-power TMS technology.

First, let’s take a step back to appreciate what you already have under the hood. Implementing a TMS solution such as Managed TMS® is not a trivial exercise (for more on this see Capturing the Hidden Value of TMS Solutions). And one of the big payoffs is that this carefully planned process equips your organization to perform sophisticated network analyses. Read More…

Developing a Managed TMS® Culture

Managed TMS Culture

Transportation management systems (TMS) technology has advanced rapidly over recent years, but can the same be said for TMS users?

Some logistics teams are using the powerful analytics that come with leading edge systems such as TMC’s Managed TMS® to find new ways to improve network efficiency. Others still struggle to break free of traditional approaches to managing transportation and utilizing TMS technology. Read More…