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Pete Mento — Director, Global Customs and Trade Policy

Pete Mento is a Licensed Customs House Broker and brings industry recognized Foreign Relations Expertise. Pete is an accomplished policy academic who has written many articles and work papers on Trade Theory and Trade Practices. He is especially well versed in matters of import compliance, customs valuation, duty minimization, international finance, and defense industry compliance, free trade as a force for the elimination of poverty and cross border free trade agreements. Pete received his Masters Degree in Government (Trade Theory Focused) from Harvard University and his undergraduate work at Maine Maritime Academy, where he served five consecutive terms as a member of the advisory board.

4 Priorities for a Global Trade Management Strategy

global trade

For some time now, the application of the philosophy of “global trade management” (or GTM) has been heralded by the consulting world and the trade community as the gold standard of organizational strategies.  Yet, the truth is most companies engaged in international trade have not embraced this method of optimizing their supply chain globally. Read More…

The Global Control Tower® Enables Compliance

Control Towers

The need to manage cargo movements worldwide is driving the adoption of the combination of global TMS technology and managed services. Freight professionals appreciate the operational advantages of a transportation management system (TMS) with an international reach, but there are important benefits in an area they are often less familiar with: trade compliance and taxation. We explained these benefits in the World Trade 100 webinar The Global Control Tower – Managing Your Global Supply Chain.

As we have discussed before (see Five Features that Define a Global TMS), a Global Control Tower enables shippers to manage transportation globally and locally. The same principle applies when it comes to complying with customs regulations and tax policies worldwide.
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- Director, Global Customs and Trade Policy
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New Trade Rules for a New Year

International trade and Incoterms

Probably the last thing you are looking for right now is another New Year’s resolution, but here’s one that is worth considering particularly if you manage international trade operations: become familiar with the revised Incoterms® rules. The revisions came into effect on January 1st, 2011, and although the new code does not represent a major rewrite, it simplifies the ground rules for trade and introduces some important updates. Read More…

- Director, Global Customs and Trade Policy
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