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Ryan Pettit — Director of Technology Strategies

Ryan directs C.H. Robinson’s technology strategies. He leads the managed TMS technology development program and other product development initiatives. Ryan joined the company in 2000 and has over a decade of technology leadership experience in logistics and TMS. He enjoys working directly with industry stakeholders to collaborate on innovative transportation solutions and he is a frequent contributor on TMS strategies for the TMC Blog.

3 Signs that a Trucking Company is Keeping Pace with Technology

3 Signs that a Trucking Company is Keeping Pace with Technology

Trucking Technology

In order to extract every drop of competitive advantage from your investments in technology, you need to make sure that service providers such as trucking companies are on the same page. Even the shiniest of new technological tools underperforms if your provider does not fully contribute to its usage. Conversely, a carrier that is on the cutting edge can help you keep up with the latest advances.

Identifying these providers is not easy, however, given the number of innovations and the frenetic pace of change. Moreover, supply chains are becoming more complex, putting more pressure on buyers to ensure that transportation partners can respond to complicated shipping scenarios. Read More…

How Bridging Islands of Information Will Expand the Cloud

Transportation savings

The age of cloud connectivity is here, and it has already brought capabilities that we could only dream about a decade or so ago.

The planning systems of hundreds of thousands of companies are now co-hosted and interconnected in a way that changes how processes coordinate with each other.

But the next chapter in this fast-moving story could be much more exciting. If the pools of data generated by various mobile devices can be connected into the planning system cloud, we can increase the value of these systems by several orders of magnitude. Read More…

Video: Use TMS Technology to Drive Cost Savings

Transportation Management System

Editor’s Note: On September 10 2013, Ryan Pettit contributed a blog post for Transportfolio®. We’re sharing his original post here because supply chain technology is always a relevant topic. Please share your thoughts and read the blog post, Video: Use TMS Technology to Drive Cost Savings.

If you’ve read some of my other posts on Transportfolio® or Connect, you’re probably familiar with my position on the importance of technology to your supply chain. Simply put, technology can equal cost reduction, if you have a collaborative relationship with your provider to help you use it. Today I’ll be specific and share how a single global technology platform like Navisphere® (that’s ours) helps thousands of customers improve their supply chain. Read More…

Freight Management in the Age of Facebook: Part 2

Social media diagram

Last week, I talked about some possible ways in which social media might change how carrier performance is measured in the market for freight transportation. In this post, let’s extend these imaginings to the broader market.

As mentioned in my previous post, social media is transformative in terms of the connectivity, visibility, and communications reach that it brings to supply chains. Could pushing the freight envelope in this way increase the volatility of transactional pricing? Retailers that track and participate in social media communities are able to monitor price trends with great precision in real time. They can shave pennies off a price very quickly in response to competitors’ pricing strategies, for example. And being attuned to every buying nuance in the market, they can shape demand by constantly adjusting the prices of their products.  Read More…

Freight Management in the Age of Facebook: Part 1

Social Media actions

Social media is changing the freight transportation industry on many fronts; communications is one example, as exemplified by this blog. But we’ve only just started the journey. Here are some thoughts on where the road might take us in the not-too-distant future.

First, let’s look at some of the features that make social media such a powerful change agent.  Read More…