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Truck Drivers: A Vital Link Keeping Our World and Supply Chains Moving

Truck Drivers: A Vital Link Keeping Our World and Supply Chains Moving

Truck Driver Appreciation

This week is an extra special week within the supply chain community. September 11-17 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which is an annual initiative to celebrate and send special thanks to all of the professional truck drivers for the hard work they do each and every day.

Truck drivers are a cornerstone of many supply chains and our economy. Whether products are purchased in a store or ordered online, there is a 70 percent chance that truck drivers played a vital role in the movement of those goods to the end customer. They take great care in not only picking up and delivering freight in a timely manner, but also keeping shippers and receivers updated on locations and expected delivery times.

We would like to take this time to recognize all truck drivers for their hard work, dedication and value they bring to each of our lives through the services they provide.

If you are interested in extending thanks to these professionals who keep our world moving, please join us on social media using #DrivingProud to hear stories about life on the road and to share your gratitude for the dedication to the tough job that truck drivers do so well each and every day.

Truck Driver Appreciation

Editor’s Note: This infographic also appeared on Transportfolio. We’re sharing it here to celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week and because truck drivers are a critical component to supply chains around the world.


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