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Is Your Transportation Budget Destined to Fail?

Transportation Management System

You start the year with what you thought was a realistic transportation budget. Yet, by year end, it’s all gone wrong. Why do transportation budgets fail? While there can be many contributing factors, it really boils down to your approaches to transportation procurement or transportation management (sometimes both). If either element is less than optimal, your budget could fail.

We all know there are external influences beyond your control that will affect your budget—market volatility, forecasts that are off, and changes to product mix and order size, to name a few. But what I’m talking about are the internal forces you can control.
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How Can Cross-Border Shippers Balance Cost and Service? Automate and Collaborate

Balance Cost and Service

Striking the right balance between cost and service is an enduring supply chain challenge. But this balancing act has become trickier over recent years as the volume of cross-border movements has increased.

How do today’s supply chain practitioners keep costs down and service levels up in the global marketplace?

A recent Analyst Insight from research firm Aberdeen Group[i] provides some pointers for freight transportation managers. There are many moving parts to consider, but the analysis underscores two key areas: collaboration and automation. Read More…

Large or Small, Shippers Can’t Afford to Overlook These Truckload Buying Practices

Truckload procurement

Freight network size matters when deciding on the best method for procuring truckload transportation. However, certain procurement principles need to be factored into your buying strategy regardless of how much freight you plan to move.

In general, small networks that employ a limited number of transportation service providers (TSPs) can meet their truckload needs with relatively simple, spreadsheet-based procurement exercises (TSPs include carriers and intermediaries such as third-party logistics providers and transportation brokers). Read More…

8 Things About Procuring Transportation Your Carriers Won’t Tell You

Procuring transportation

Service providers react in many different ways to transportation procurement events. Applauding is not often one of them. In general, carriers don’t particularly like procurement events for reasons that have little to do with adding value for shippers.

While this observation is unlikely to bruise your ego, it’s still worth thinking about. The reasons why procurement events represent something of a downer for carriers underscore why they are a good idea for shippers.   Read More…