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An Industry Formula for TMS


It’s important to tailor transportation management systems (TMS) to individual corporate users. But the technology can also be customized to specific industries, particularly in cases such as the chemical sector where there are many special needs.

According to the American Chemistry Council, the chemical business is a $ 720 billion industry that is one of the largest sectors of the U.S. economy. More than 96% of all manufactured goods are directly touched by chemistry. Read More…

LTL Avenues to More Efficient Networks

LTL Avenues

As we explained in our previous post (Demystifying LTL ), managing less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation can be less difficult than you might think, especially if you understand how these services are priced. But having cracked the LTL pricing code, how can you make the service more cost-effective?

Shippers often find major savings opportunities when they work to increase the density of the cargo they flow into LTL networks. This is not surprising given LTL’s fragmented nature compared to full truckload service. Read More…

Demystifying LTL


Less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation is generally perceived as complex compared to its truckload cousin. But the mode is not overly complicated provided users have all the relevant data at their fingertips. Moreover, once shippers master LTL they often discover untapped potential for substantial cost savings.

In this first post in a series on LTL, we set the scene with a look at how these shipments are priced. Read More…

Carrier Friendly Policies – A Savings Boost?

Savings Boost
Can you save money by making it easier for carriers to do business with you? It’s not a new topic, but as a community, have we reached a definitive answer?

It may not be the most politically correct analogy, but I once had a customer describe this philosophy as “the beauty pageant of freight.”  From his perspective, the more attractive his freight was to the carrier community, the more apt he was to gain capacity at a fair price, and thus achieve his financial objectives. Read More…

This Week’s Special Offer: Better Promotions


In our previous post (Making the Sales Surge Connection ), we explored transportation-related problems that can unseat special retailing events such as seasonal sales, promotions, and product launches. In this post we offer some suggestions for improving this critical link in the sales push supply chain.

Since a lack of communication is often at the heart of problems like these, one solution is to include transportation in the planning loop. This might sound obvious, but all too often freight management issues are overlooked during the preparatory stages of a sales event. Read More…

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