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Future of Logistics Takes Center Stage in 2017

SelfDrivingIn January, I attended the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. with Jason Craig, C.H. Robinson’s director of government affairs. While a variety of issues were discussed, the hottest topic across transportation policy professionals was new technology that could dramatically shape the future of logistics: autonomous vehicles (AV) and their potential implications on society and transportation. Three themes seem to be emerging around AV in freight transportation:

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Countdown to Black Friday: Is Your Supply Chain Wired for Success?


In many ways, technology can be the determining factor of what makes or breaks major logistics events, like the upcoming Black Friday shopping holiday. It takes planning and precision to execute an efficient, effective supply chain under typical circumstances; the surge leading into Black Friday and Cyber Monday only magnifies the importance of thorough preparation—or the frustration of a glitch.
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- Chief Information Officer, C.H. Robinson

How a New Generation of Carrier Apps and Websites Could Redefine Industry Best Practices

How a New Generation of Carrier Apps and Websites Could Redefine Industry Best Practices.Connect

Blog_TheRoad_Navisphere Carrier

Mobile app and website technology has become an integral part of the transportation industry. Now the technology is moving to the next level with user interfaces designed specifically for helping carriers to improve performance and profitability.
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Three Ways Government Can Champion IoT-Wired Supply Chains


The Internet of Things (IoT) is rewiring supply chains, yet we are only at the beginning of this journey. As innovation gains speed, there are broad supply chain issues that governments need to address in order to take full advantage of the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.
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