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Talking About Going Global

International supply chain management

Global growth has become such an integral part of supply chain management that it is easy to forget just how challenging it can be. This is particularly true in the freight transportation space, where concepts such as deploying a control tower to manage international freight movements are still evolving (for more on this see Control Tower for Freight Management Catches the Global Train, December 17, 2010, and Five Features that Define a Global TMS, by Jordan Kass, June 15, 2011).

I recently discussed globalization issues with supply chain and transportation analyst Adrian Gonzalez in a podcast. Part of the Viewpoints on the Air series of podcasts, the session was “about the factors that are driving companies to expand their global presence and operations, as well as the implications of going global from a transportation and logistics perspective and the key capabilities companies need to succeed,” explains Gonzalez in his Logistics Viewpoints blog post, July 21st, 2011.

We talked about broad drivers such as the growth of megacities and how the migration of populations to urban centers impacts global strategies. And we touched on the need for a truly global organization – as opposed to one that just has a presence in multiple countries – and technology such as advanced transportation management systems with the analytical capability to help companies manage their international operations.

But rather than reading about the conversation in this post why not listen to the podcast firsthand.

I hope you find the recording informative. Look out for more TMC podcasts on topical issues.

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