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Customer Advisory on Hurricane Harvey

risk_managementAs the unprecedented flooding and impact from Hurricane Harvey continues to be felt throughout Houston, SE Texas, and into Louisiana, the extent of the damage and cleanup efforts needed is becoming more clear. Our thoughts are with the thousands of people who have been impacted by this crisis situation. As suspected, the storm is also having a significant impact on supply chains across North America. Read More…

Top Connect Blog Posts of 2016: Panama Canal, Analysis Paralysis, and Innovation

From the Panama Canal expansion to the continuous advancement of disruptive technologies, 2016 was another eventful year in the global logistics and supply chain industry. Navigating the opportunities and challenges from an increasingly complex marketplace can be difficult. We’re here to help by delivering insights, solutions, and strategies that address your exact needs for today and tomorrow.Top Supply Chain Blog Posts

As we kick off the new year, here’s a quick look at our top three blog posts from 2016. While they are the most viewed posts from last year, the topics will continue to have an impact in 2017 and beyond.

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7 Ways to Create a Successful Onsite Resource Relationship

7 Ways to Create a Successful Onsite Resource Relationship.Transportfolio


So you’ve made the decision to engage with a global logistics management provider. Now what? You probably realize it’s critically important to keep everything flowing smoothly—especially during the transition and implementation. But figuring out how to do that may elude you. The answer may be to have someone from your new provider actually work in your building. A strategic onsite resource is often a great option whether you’re getting started or have been working with logistics providers for years.
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How Megacity Distribution Models are Changing Urban Logistics

How Megacity Distribution Models Are Changing Urban Logistics.Connect


“Megacities” are cities with 10 million or more inhabitants and they represent a huge market for goods and services. At the same time, they also present some difficult logistics challenges, such as inadequate, traffic-clogged road systems.
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