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How AI and IoT Are Transforming Supply Chain Management

supply-chain-technologyYou’ve seen how artificial intelligence is being applied to many facets of our everyday lives. The fact is, digital transformation is also well underway in supply chain management—and it is transforming the way companies do business. Read More…

Future of Logistics Takes Center Stage in 2017

SelfDrivingIn January, I attended the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. with Jason Craig, C.H. Robinson’s director of government affairs. While a variety of issues were discussed, the hottest topic across transportation policy professionals was new technology that could dramatically shape the future of logistics: autonomous vehicles (AV) and their potential implications on society and transportation. Three themes seem to be emerging around AV in freight transportation:

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Countdown to Black Friday: Is Your Supply Chain Wired for Success?


In many ways, technology can be the determining factor of what makes or breaks major logistics events, like the upcoming Black Friday shopping holiday. It takes planning and precision to execute an efficient, effective supply chain under typical circumstances; the surge leading into Black Friday and Cyber Monday only magnifies the importance of thorough preparation—or the frustration of a glitch.
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- Chief Information Officer, C.H. Robinson

Weather-Proofing Your Freight Network with a TMS

Weather-Proofing Your Freight Network with a TMS.Connect


No one knows exactly what weather the impending winter season has in store, but there’s one thing we can be sure about: Some freight networks will be hit by weather-related disruptions over the next few months.
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TMS-Enabled Omnichannel Supply Chains Gearing Up for the Peak Season Challenge

TMS-Enabled Omnichannel Supply Chains Gearing Up for the Peak Season Challenge.Connect


The 2016 holiday shopping season is expected to deliver increased sales volumes—and new challenges for retailers as they continue to develop omnichannel supply chain models in response to changing consumer buying patterns.
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